Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Snack Bento for Bayberry

Today marks the start of the cross country season at Bayberry's school, so I'm making her an extra mini-meal each day that she can eat quickly between school and practice. Here's today's snack bento:

Hard-boiled egg in bunny shape (colored with food color markers) resting on a piece of uncured black forest ham. Strawberries and Crenshaw melon cutouts and Brownie Bits round out the snack.

This is in the new snack box I chose. I chose it for its price ($3.99!) and its features (small, easy to use, no BPA, no lead, nothing bad). It's a Sistema sandwich box. Perfect snack size for Bayberry.


  1. Aww. Well its an adorable snack bento! :)

  2. Where did you find that box at? I've been trying to find a sandwich sized box for my husband to use with his lunches instead of ziploc bags. Of course, they've already stopped selling all of the school supplies around here to get ready for Halloween!

  3. I bought it at Earth Fare The Healthy Grocery Store. Amazon has a selection of Sistema products: http://tinyurl.com/273x32t

  4. I love your ideas! thanks for sharing!