Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Fancy's Lunch for Wednesday

Bayberry will be home late this evening (with her dirty lunchbox), so I'm not sure I'll get her lunch posted today. But here's Fancy's lunch for Wednesday. Thursday, the girls have a dentist appointment, after which we'll be stopping at a restaurant for lunch, so there will be no Thursday lunch posting.

I've got to remember to put some interesting foods in my cart when I go shopping on Thursday. I'm in the mood to craft some creative lunches.

Anyway, here's Wednesday's lunch for Fancy:

She has a meatloaf sandwich; pasta salad; peas; and half of an apple drizzled with honey (both in lieu of a sweet AND to keep it fresh!)

PS: Have you noticed that she never takes a whole sandwich? Always 3/4 of one? My one complaint about this box is that it doesn't fit a sandwich in it. She gets to immediately eat the 1/4 that's left when I make sandwich lunches.


  1. What about cutting them in half and standing them up sideways? That is what I have done with my daughter's.

  2. does honey really work to keep the apple from turning brown?

  3. JM: The box is too shallow for that.

    KT: Yes, to an extent it does. And it tastes better than the lemon juice bath does.

  4. great...i'll give it a shot! thanks :)