Thursday, September 30, 2010

Fancy's Spooktacular 1st of October Lunch

It's October! Fancy's first lunch of the month is all dressed up for Halloween!

From top left, clockwise: Turkey on whole wheat bread with an American ghost cheese that has turkey pepperoni eyes and mouth; crackers (a few each of white cheddar crackers and yellow cheddar crackers); string cheese ghosts with food coloring eyes, grapes, and pumpkin fluff dip with strawberry shapes.

One serving of pumpkin fluff dip: stir together one ounce of cream cheese, one tablespoon of marshmallow cream (fluff), and one tablespoon of pumpkin puree. Serve with fruit to dip.

To make the ghosts, I cut a mozzarella stick in half. Then, I fringe cut the bottom half and drew on eyes and mouths with a food coloring pen. The picks in the grapes I found at Michael's (craft store).

Fancy is taking pumpkin juice to drink. Okay, not really pumpkin juice, but I'm blending a smoothie with pumpkin, yogurt, honey, orange juice, and banana.

Off topic: Do your kids know what they want to be for Halloween yet? Fancy wants to be a ghost. I have the costume all planned out and I think it's going to be good. Bayberry (who isn't going to school tomorrow) is going to be a cat. Gotta love the classics.


  1. by the way, if you put the marshmallow fluff dip on those silicone holders, does it stay ok and not run all over the rest of the lunch? i've been using the ziplock divided containers (haven't invested in the laptop lunches yet) and a lot of times stuff (even crackers) fall out of the silicone containers.

  2. original post never went through. anyways, i was saying that these are so cute! the farthest i've gotten is putting halloween sprinkles in their vanilla yogurt. but i love the string cheese ghosts :) do you know if michaels carries the food writing pens or do i need to order them online?

  3. I bought mine at Michael's. :) My daughter's bento box (this one above is not a Laptop Lunch System) stays upright in its cooler bag, so spillage isn't an issue for her so far. The dip is pretty thick, which also helps. But I wouldn't guarantee it.

  4. I love everything about this lunch. Could take it a step further and peel the grapes (remember Dead Man's Eyes?).

  5. Awesome! How much time do you spend on average making these lunches:)? I am definitely going to do the ghosts, string cheese is actually something he likes.

  6. I was going to peel the grapes, but time's an issue. ;)

    This lunch took 15 minutes to make.