Thursday, September 16, 2010

Lunches for Thursday

Nothing fancy today. This week is whizzing by and I'll be thankful for the weekend breather. TGTF (thank goodness tomorrow's Friday!).

For Bayberry, peanut butter & grape jelly on whole wheat bread; green grapes; cream top strawberry yogurt. Apple cider to drink (I love Autumn!).

For Fancy: Peanut Butter & Grape Jelly on whole wheat bread cut into bite-size pieces for fun; green and purple grapes (Bayberry doesn't like the purple ones); baby carrots (Bayberry can't have them); and a sweet treat: candy buttons (something else Bayberry doesn't like. "I taste the paper," she says). Milk to drink.


  1. I taste the paper, too. :d I thought the sandwiches were pumpkin bread from the blog thumbnail!

  2. Looks like it, huh? Just very dark, very much whole wheat bread. :) Very tasty. I'm so glad my kids don't prefer white pastey bread.

  3. What is cream top yogurt? Looks good!

  4. It's whole milk yogurt, and a layer of cream rises to the top of the container. It's creamier than low-fat yogurt and provides some dietary fat for my active kids.