Monday, September 20, 2010

Packed Lunches for Tuesday

Here are the kids' and Army Man's lunches for Tuesday. Tomorrow, I'll share my lunch.

For Army Man:

Cream cheese & turkey pepperoni on a flour tortilla; mini sweet potato muffins, green & purple grapes; Crystal Light.

For Bayberry:

Cream cheese & turkey pepperoni on a flour tortilla; green grapes; candy buttons ("I thought you said they taste like paper." "Oh, I like them now."); mini sweet potato muffins on top of a small handful of butterscotch chips. Orange Juice. A sweet lunch.

For Fancy:

Peanut butter & honey on a bagel thin; two baby carrots; candy buttons; mini sweet potato muffin with a few butterscotch chips; green and purple grapes; orange juice.


  1. I would love to see what you eat for your WW lunches. I always go back to my WW roots and can always get some new inspiration. You have a great lunch selection for your family. Pam

  2. What brand is the turkey pepperoni? Is it nitrate-free?

    It's pricier than "regular", but I've started buying Applegate Farms' beef and pork pepperoni that has no nitrates or MSG. I can see such a change in my son since we got him off nitrate hotdogs and pepperoni. I'd rather have it less often but healthier.

  3. I've decided that I'm waaaayyy to involved in your life. :) As I was scrolling down, I saw Bayberry's lunch had candy buttons and immediately though "don't those taste like paper?" Totally sounds like my kiddos!