Friday, September 10, 2010

Friday Lunch

I'm thankful for weekends! Not that they mean sleeping in and slacking off around here. Oh, no. They mean soccer games and cross country practice, housework, dinner guests, and weekly planning. I'm thankful for weekends because they give me a chance to catch up on things. Here are Friday's lunches for the kids. Have a great weekend, all, and I'll see you again Sunday evening.

Bayberry has a ham, cheese, and lettuce tortilla; cut-up chocolate chip cookies; sliced pluots; lettuce, tomato, and cheese; and chicken nuggets. She's taking juice.

Fancy has sliced pluots; cut-up chocolate chip cookie; baby carrots; chicken nuggets; lettuce and cheese. She's taking juice as well, plus a little sauce container full of ketchup for her nuggets.

I just got these silicone baking cups. Aren't they adorable? They're perfect bento dividers, and the best part is that they officially eliminate the last bit of disposable waste from my lunches. They're made by Wilton and I found them at


  1. Glad to see you got those baking cups. :)

  2. Do the kids eat the nuggets cold?

  3. Yep. They're good cold, believe it or not.

  4. Funny you had your wilton cupcake holders today. I was considering using ours on Friday, but didn't have a container to hold them in. I got a great deal on some square and triangle ones a while back.

  5. Wow! I found your blog via your comment on Laptop lunches. What an amazing effort! I like your everyday posting, your different size lunches for hubby and 2 girls, and your new *positive* nicknames for the girls!

    I homeschooled my 2 sons for 9 years and now they are in public school, one is 8th grade and one is a junior in high school. Due to an odd schedule, the older one usually was home for lunch, and the younger one ate school lunch last year. Yikes!

    THIS year, I need to pack lunch for both boys (one at middle school and one traveling between high school and junior college every day) AND for hubby for the next 8 weeks as he commutes to downtown Seattle for training for a new job. Our school year has JUST started (we start and end later on the West Coast). I recently found Laptop Lunches and Just Bento websites, and today YOURS! I just skimmed through your whole archive and I am so inspired! Thank you for all your work documenting your project!

  6. Kim: I'd love to have some triangle ones. They're on my list.

    Hi Paula, welcome! I'm glad you found me, too!

  7. Love all the colors in your boxes! What are "pluots" tho??? I love the color of them but have never heard of them.

  8. I have to ask how you prepare the chicken nuggets. My daughter loves chicken nuggets and that is the ONLY day I let her buy school lunch because she really wants them. However, if I can send her with the ones from home that have whole grain breading, etc I'd feel much better about it! lol do you cook them and then refrigerate? or just send them straight from the freezer? thanks for all your inspirations!! my daughter is really digging some of the new recipes and presentations she's getting this year! amazing how she won't eat a regular sandwich, but cut it into a butterfly and its GONE lol

  9. Pluots are a hybrid plum/apricot and are delicious. :)

    Chicken Nuggets: They were leftovers. Commercially prepared, frozen chicken nuggets are fully cooked, so technically you could pop them in frozen and by lunch they'd be thawed out. I make several of my own versions, though.

    I figure if lunchables can offer kids cold chicken nuggets, and they'll eat them, I can try, too.

    If you want to try your hand at making your own nuggets, here are two I've made: