Thursday, September 2, 2010

Hot Diggity

Tomorrow's Friday, and my girls are bringing hot dogs in their lunches. I found some no nitrate/nitrite, all beef, natural, REAL meat hot dogs to send them to school with (way better than the weird greenish-grey "hot dogs" they could get at the cafeteria.

Bayberry has a microwave at school, so she'll be using that to warm hers. Fancy doesn't, so I'm packing hers in hot water in her Thermos and she can assemble it at lunchtime.

Both have the same lunch, just different amounts. Hot dogs on wheat buns, cheese bits, cookies with frosting, cucumbers, and muscadine grapes. Orange juice to drink.

Enjoy your three-day weekend. I'll see you Monday for another lunch!


  1. Nice find with the hotdogs. Love me some Muscadine grapes. Good for ya!

  2. This is yet another highly original lunch box idea! Sending Fancy's hot dog in a thermos with hot water is such a great solution for giving her a hot dog that's actually hot at mealtime. I don't think I would have thought of this in a million years!