Thursday, August 26, 2010

One Hot Lunch & One Cold Lunch

We had Open House at Picky Eater's school this evening, which threw my whole schedule (Home at 3:45, homework, chores, and lunches done before dinner, dinner at 7) off. It was nice to see her new teacher, though, and talk with her gifted class teacher, and see the principal and the rest of the staff. I love her school and all of its teachers. We're lucky to have such a supportive, nurturing learning environment for our little girl. I do wish they'd wake up and smell the lunches, though. It's time for fresh, whole foods for our children.  

It's almost grocery shopping day so the pickings are getting slim, but we're still bringing tasty lunches! Here's what the girls are having for Friday:

I've noticed that Picky Eater has been coming home with lots of leftover food from lunch, so I'm cutting back on what I send. Bayberry, on the other hand, almost always comes home with a clean lunch box. I asked her if she was getting enough to eat and she assures me that she is. Today, her lunch looks small, but it's a standard lunch menu.

Bayberry: An Almond Grain burger from Earth Fare with a Homemade Soft Sandwich Roll. Condiments in the little container. Orange segments and some homemade crackers  round out the offerings. Juice to drink.

Picky Eater: She has a sandwich on a homemade roll -- it's fruit spread and peanuts! Also, some carrots, crackers, grapes, and dates. Juice to drink.

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  1. Definitely please pass the recipe for the homemade crackers on to us! I'd love to have it!