Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Kids' Lunches + 2 Recipe Links

Today, I made some Vanilla Wafer cookies and some stuffed biscuits for the girls' Wednesday lunches. They both came out delicious and have already been taste-tested and pre-approved by the kids.

Vanilla Wafers

Stuffed Biscuits

To draw on the cookies, I used Wilton Food Writer Edible Color Markers. To cut the cucumbers into shapes, I used Stainless Steel Vegetable Cutters.

Clockwise from top right: grapes & melon; cucumber stars; ham & cheese stuffed biscuits; Nilla Wafers & granola bars. Chocolate Almond Milk to drink.

Same lunch, just different proportions and no granola bars. Juice for Picky Eater.

And here are a couple of my cookie drawings. As you can tell, I'm quite an artist. ;)


  1. Love the recipe ideas! I've been on a kick trying to find a good recipe for graham crackers (no luck yet), so these Nilla wafers might be a welcome distraction. Did you use the vanilla bean, or just additional extract?

    Also looking forward to trying the stuffed biscuit, but I'll probably try it with homemade dough instead of the canned stuff. We just picked up the 1/2 hog we had butchered, so I have plenty of ham to use up!

  2. I used only the extract, but it's my own extract, so it has bean floating around in it. I figured it would do.

  3. The links are great- really helpful! I'm totally going to try those stuffed biscuits! And the cookies are totally cool w/ the art on them - I must try it too. :-)

  4. I have those food coloring pens too! I haven't really done anything spectacular with them yet, but they are still new. Love stuffed muffins, I have to make some chorizo and mozzarella ones soon. I found you through Shannon's What's For Lunch Wednesdays. Nice blog and nice to meet you!