Tuesday, August 31, 2010

3 Lunches for Wednesday

Yesterday, I was so wrapped up in Picky Eater's project that I didn't get around to packing lunches until this morning! That was hectic and NOT something I care to do again! Here are lunches for Army man & the girls for Wednesday:

(My apologies for the poor lighting. I have to remember that it's getting darker earlier and I need to get back to packing lunch at 4 like I used to!)

These 3 lunches will show you that you really don't need to make changes from adult to kids lunches if you plan carefully. Army Man has four mini bagel pizzas (Two whole mini bagels topped with spaghetti sauce, mozzarella, and mini turkey pepperonis, baked at 375 for less than 10 minutes); a handful of muscadines (grapes), and a mini cupcake. He's taking Crystal Light to drink. I'm so glad he's off the Atkins diet.


Bayberry has two mini bagel pizzas, a Campari tomato, a few cucumber slices, some muscadines, two mini cupcakes, and a few pretzels. She's taking orange juice to drink.

Picky Eater needs a new nickname. Something less negative. I'll be thinking on it. Anyway, she has two mini pizzas, a few cucumber slices, 4 muscadines, a few pretzels, and a mini cupcake. She's taking milk to drink in her brand new, smaller Sigg brand stainless steel bottle that I got for NINETY-SEVEN CENTS at Dick's Sporting Goods today. What a steal! To give you an idea of how much of a bargain that is, I paid nearly $20.00 for her Hello Kitty Sigg before school started.


  1. DW, like Arthur's little sister in the books/show? There's a DW the Picky Eater book too?

    Or you could take a very creative page from me when I use F&B for Faith & Ben. LOL. After making lunches, I have no creative juices left!

  2. I have to say that your Picky eater isn't that picky! She eats more things that my Picky eater would never eat (peppers being one of them) I am always having to hide her veggies in things so that she will eat them (she would never know that I put about 6 different kinds or more if I have on hand of veggies into my spaghetti sauce as far as she is concerned its just tomatoes in it!)

  3. She's getting a lot better...I'm broadening her horizons and lately, she's been amicable to tasting "new" things. She's even eating teensy bits of broccoli. She used to not eat (short list) eggs, broccoli, cauliflower (looks like broccoli), carrots, tomatoes, onions, sweet potatoes, cherries, red grapes, rice, steak, ground beef, chicken, fish, nuts, chocolate!, and much more. A hungry kid and a mom-packed lunch makes it easier to try to encourage new foods, lemme tell ya. She's more apt to eat it if she's hungry, and then she's more likely to LIKE it and request it again. :) Sneaky is key.

  4. The mini pizza idea is great. I'm going to try that.