Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wednesday's Lunch

I made a colorful, nutritious lunch for the kids today. Bayberry's was made in the wee hours and rushed out the door before I could snap a picture, but it's the same as Fancy's.

I'm finding that it's the little things that make lunch more pleasing to the eye, like the flower-shaped silicon liner in this lunch. It makes a small difference. It makes lunch fun and cute. And it's pretty much effortless. I may never be a food sculptor like some bloggers I see, but I can use small things, like liners and picks and shapes, to make my kids' lunches interesting.

So anyway, I made this lunch...
turkey & American on Rudi's organic oat bread; cukes; honeydew; mixed nuts; watermelon

And then woke up Fancy, fed her breakfast, and realized that she has a raging fever. So here she is, and here she'll stay...

And maybe she'll still want to eat her pretty lunch. On the couch.


  1. Where do you get those silicone cups? I have looked high and low and all I can find are the teeny tiny ones that will hold about 5 goldfish.

    Bless Fancy's little heart. Prayers she gets better soon.

  2. thanks Boo. :) They're made by Wilton. I can't remember if I bought them from amazon or from hobby lobby. Both carry them, in several shapes.

  3. @ Boo... you can also try Michaels as well. @ Michelle... I like the flower and hope your daughter feels better. Same thing happened to my daughter last week