Thursday, February 3, 2011

New Toys! (I mean, lunch stuff!)

We're halfway through the school year. Bayberry lost her original lunch system. Fancy's outer carry case is dirty beyond what reasonable cleaning efforts can restore. Plus, it was time we had some variety in our packing supplies.

So, I bought two new systems today.

The first is another Laptop Lunch System. I can't recommend them enough. Despite the cost, and despite Bayberry losing her first set, I ended up buying a second set for Fancy.

Bayberry's new lunch system is from Lunchopolis. It comes with the cooler bag, four containers (BPA free, of course), and a drink bottle. All the containers have lids.

Here are the girls' first lunches in their new systems:

Bayberry above and Fancy below. They have the same lunch: turkey & American cheese on 7 grain + flax bread; strawberries; clementine sections; Valentine's Day sugar cookies. To drink, vanilla soy milk. I put a small amount in their drink bottles and freeze them overnight. In the morning, I finish filling them. They stay cold all morning long and thaw in time for lunch.


  1. I love Laptop Lunches! We have 4 sets with the bags. I even give them as gifts for birthdays and Christmas to my family members. I can't recommend them enough.

    Laptop Lunches and the Zojirushi (for hot lunches) lunch systems are the best.

  2. Where is the best/cheapest place to buy the Laptop Lunch kits?

  3. Also where do you put the ice pack?

  4. Summer, they're all the same price, that I've found. They range from $20s to $40s. You can find 10% off coupon codes if you google them and buy from laptop lunches directly online. The ice pack -- there's a mesh pouch that holds one nicely inside, above the food.

  5. Thank you so much! So do you like the kit that comes with the sleeve to put it in?

  6. I think I'd like that sleeve for an adult or an older child, but I love the zip-up carrier for children. I think the sleeve looks chic.