Sunday, February 6, 2011

Four Lunches and a Breakfast

Army Man's in training all week, so he'll be gone every daylight hour. I'm going to school with Fancy for a couple of days, to encourage her to try harder in class. She's quite exceptionally gifted. She's in the gifted program. She's amazing in her intelligence. But she will only do what's asked of her. Nothing extra. So, the teacher and I have come up with some different ways to get her to show her potential. One of them is for me to go to school with her and demonstrate ways she can show her thinking. So, it's back to school I go. And I'm not chancing the cafeteria. I'm packing my lunch.

Here are our lunches, and the breakfast I packed for Army Man:

Fancy: Strawberries, vanilla Greek yogurt, toffee almond granola, cheddar bunnies crackers, cheese, and a honey bun. Vanilla soy milk to drink. Packed in a Laptop Lunch System.

Bayberry: cold pizza, cheddar bunnies crackers, cheese, strawberries, yogurt-covered pretzels. Vanilla soy milk to drink. Packed in a Lunchopolis system.

Army Man (below) and Me (above): Larabar, strawberries, cheese stick, 30 grams cheddar bunnies, and fresh pineapple. Water to drink. 12 WW PP value. Packed in Easy Lunch Boxes.

Army Man's breakfast: raspberry Greek yogurt, dark chocolate almond granola, and two clementines.

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