Monday, February 21, 2011

100th Lunches!

This is 100th lunchbox post! Two lunches to share with you today: Bay's and Fancy's. Here they are!

Fancy's lunch: Cubed ham on toothpicks, string cheese, and a sweet mini bell pepper; Larabar (Ginger Snap) and three strawberries; blueberry muffin; blueberry pomegranate yogurt. Milk to drink.

Bay's lunch: Natural Peanut Butter & All Fruit Spread on 15-grain bread and string cheese; cut up tomato and a couple of sweet mini bell peppers; natural applesauce; blueberry muffin. Fruit punch to drink.


  1. What are those green containers? And is that yogurt homemade? if not what brand is it? THX!

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