Friday, February 11, 2011

Hot Lunch for Friday

Yesterday, the girls made their own lunches. They were thrilled. I really wanted to photograph them and post them on the blog, but I was in bed with a killer headache. Fancy put cheese and dessert together in one bin and cut-up bananas and cucumbers together in another. And she thought her lunch was delicious. ;)

I hope they think that the lunches I packed them today are equally delicious. Even if I didn't do weird food combining.

My apologies for the poor photo quality. I was rushed this morning.

Bayberry's lunch was mac & cheese in the Thermos, a clementine orange, pudding, green bean "chips", cucumber, and fruit punch. Below shows how it all fits in her Lunchopolis kit.

Fancy has mac & cheese, vanilla bean Greek yogurt, granola, clementine, half of a banana, and fruit punch. Below shows how it all fits in her Laptop Lunch carrier.


  1. They look like tasty, well-balanced meals. You said "green bean chips", have you "crisped" them up somehow?

    I'd be curious, since I'm trying to collect ideas for offering my hubs some healthier snacks... (R. and our cat work their way through more junk food in a night than I eat in one year... *sigh*)

  2. They're dehydrated green beans with sea salt sprinkled on them. They're sooooo good! I buy them at The Fresh Market, or Whole Foods, or Earth Fare. Any natural grocer might carry them. They satisfy that need to crunch, they're safe for Bay's braces, and they're tasty!