Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Weight Watchers Lunch

Weight Watchers just launched its newest plan, Points Plus. If you've been thinking about checking out Weight Watchers, now's the time to do so. Points Plus is the best program I've seen. It rewards folks for choosing whole, natural foods. Processed foods are discouraged and carry heavier points values. That's totally in line with my way of thinking.

I'm helping out with the Santa shop at Fancy's school today. The kids will all shuffle in with their money, and I will help them choose the perfect piece of junk present for Mom, Dad, Sister, Brother, or whoever is on their list. I'm going to be there all day, so packing a lunch was necessary.

Fat-free turkey & 2% American cheese on 9 grain light bread with light mayo; mixed nuts; mini rice cakes with natural peanut butter; diet cherry Pepsi; clementine.


  1. The santa shop sounds like a good idea, and a way to get children used to the concept that items are priced and have to be paid for - plus the fun of picking something out for a loved one :-)

  2. I like the idea of the rice crackers with peanutbutter! I also think I might like to get some diet cherry pepsi, I am not a fan of diet soda but I tried a diet cherry pepsi the other day and it was quite good! Thanks for good ideas!

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