Thursday, December 2, 2010

Santa Shop Again Today

I'm volunteering at Santa Shop all week at my daughter's school. This is day two. Yesterday I was so busy that I didn't have time to finish my entire lunch. Today, I'm going to just bring nibbles instead of a meal. One of the kids yesterday was overheard telling his buddies that he was going to tell her (whoever "her" may have been!) that he went to Jarred. He was purchasing a necklace for the lucky lady in his life. Kids are awesome. But they watch too much television. :)

Here's Fancy's lunch. Would it just totally mess things up if I changed her nickname again? See, we have nicknames that we actually use for our children. Bayberry is our oldest's real nickname. But Fancy's real nickname is actually Tuna. I wondered about changing it to Tuna here. Yes, we call our daughter Tuna. It's a long story, but a very loving one. :)

Anyway, here's her lunch for today:

Turkey & cheese 1/2 sandwich; mini cupcake; cucumber sticks; mini rice cakes; kiwi; milk.


  1. Family nicknames are the best :-) I've literally had hundreds (some weird, some eyebrow raising, some sweet...) but it seems one or 2 are usually the ones to stick. And there is a story or moment behind each.
    I burst out laughing at the children and the "Jarred" comment - amazing how media and marketing does seep into people's heads.

  2. Tuna sounds like a cute nickname. Does your daughter like it?

  3. Yes, she likes it. She calls herself Tuna at home. :)