Monday, December 13, 2010

Mom-ables AND Where I've Been

I've been away for a while. I didn't mean for that to happen, but life happens, and I needed some time to adjust. In addition to volunteering full time seven days in a row (way too much!), I was busy Christmas shopping, getting my daughter ready for her winter ball, losing weight, wreath making, and dog getting.

Yes, we came home with a new dog last week. Her name is (now) Sacha. She's a German Shepherd that's about to turn a year old. She was underfed and undertrained but we're working on that. She's amazing!

Christmas is right around the bend, so it was about time we got our decorations up and running. I don't do much. I prefer simpler holidays. But here's our tree and the front yard.

Here's my wreath. It's a rag wreath. I love making them, but they're time-consuming.

Here at Fort Benning, there's an annual Father-Daughter ball. It's a time for little (and big) girls to get dolled up and experience a real Army ball: dining and dancing and toasts and everything. It was such fun getting her ready for this experience!

Also? I've been losing weight. Remember I started Weight Watchers on September 16th. Since then, I've lost over 20 pounds. It really, really works. I'm loving the results. I'm even loving the process. They have a new program called Points Plus and it's phenomenal! I encourage you to check it out if you want to lose some weight!

(It's time to take another picture! I'll keep updating them each month!)

Anyway, here's the real reason you come: lunch box time! Today, it's a Mom-able, my answer to those bad-for-us Lunchables on the supermarket shelves. Simple to assemble and fun to eat, these are becoming my busy day go-to meal for the kids.

Roast beef, mini saltines, American cheese, clementines, cucumbers, and kiwi. She's taking hot cocoa to drink.


  1. wow congrats on the weight loss. You look great! I have often considered ww myself but get put off at the thought of counting points. Does it bother you at all? Keep up the good work! (Especially over christmas LOL)

  2. Great job with the weight loss! What an achievement! Where have you found the mini saltines? I have been looking, but can't find them. Merry Christmas!

  3. Kelly: thanks! To answer your question, sure. There are days when I resent having to count points. I mean, there are people that can eat whatever they want, whenever they want it. Why do I have to count my points? But I do it because it's good for me. In the end, counting my points is a small price to pay to lose twenty-plus pounds in three months, ya know? The benefits are tremendous.

    Ktivadr, they're made by Nabisco and I bought them at Publix or Walmart, I believe. Aren't they cute? And thanks for the kudos!

  4. Congrats on the wt loss!!!!! Your hubby and daughter look so sweet, wish our Unit did a ball this this. Love the mini saltines, I will defiantly have to keep my eyes open for those :)

  5. Yeah, I hear ya. Thanks for inspiring me!

  6. Congratulations on the healthier weight! I love the idea of "mom-ables" :-)

  7. congrats on the weight loss

    Love the father/daughter pic - so cute

    love the mom-ables - I do something similar with my kids and they love them!!

    How do you make the wreath - that is really cute!!