Monday, October 4, 2010

Kids' Lunches for Tuesday

Yummy pumpkin graces our lunchboxes for Tuesday. :)

Pinwheel wraps: hummus on a spinach tortilla; pesto and ham on a whole wheat tortilla. Bayberry has sweet mini bell peppers. Both have strawberries and kiwi; animal crackers, string cheese; and Chocolate Pumpkin Pudding. The puddings will both be secured with lids. Both will take juice to drink.


  1. I need to try that chocolate pumpkin pudding! Or, just the pumpkin variation. Mmmm.

  2. if you don't lid the fruit, will it move from compartment to compartment? i'm still trying to figure out which lunch kits to buy. also, i have extra whole wheat pasta from tonight's dinner...can you please post your simple pasta salad recipe? would love to put it in their lunches :)

  3. No, solids stay in their compartments just fine. Liquids are the only things that require an extra lid. Both boxes shown have tight fitting outer lids that seal off each compartment fairly well.

    I don't have a recipe for pasta salad. I add whatever's available and whatever looks good, and just enough mayo or plain Greek yogurt to hold it all together. Salt and pepper, and it's done. :)

  4. Umm chocolate pumpkin pudding, sounds delish!!