Thursday, November 18, 2010

Saturday is Bayberry's Birthday

My firstborn child turns twelve on Saturday. We're having a slumber party tomorrow night.

Since her birthday falls on a weekend, I'm sending her birthday lunch a day early. Here it is, followed by Fancy's lunch:

Can you read it? The main compartment has round peanut butter sandwiches, topped with Nutella and marshmallows. The marshmallows spell out the word HAPPY. I wrote on the mini bananas with food coloring pens. And there's an oatmeal cookie. She also has yogurt, and is taking juice to drink.

Fancy has bread rounds topped with peanut butter and marshmallows spelling out I (heart) U. I also wrote on her banana. She has a pumpkin pecan bar cut in half. She's taking a yogurt and juice to drink.


  1. Wait. You have another blog?! How have I been reading and loving your blog all this time without knowing about at least two other side blogs that I'm just seeing today for the first time? You're mysterious. :) And such a good mom! I love that you're so dedicated to packing amazing lunches and cooking healthful, fun dinners for your family. You're a rock star and a total inspiration.

  2. oh hahaha yes. :)Three active ones, now. I felt the need to start a personal blog because I need a place to just write what I feel like writing without being off topic. :)