Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I can't believe this

Apparently, when a kid leaves his or her lunchbox behind in the school cafeteria, one of the lunch ladies takes it home with her. And then fails to come back to school for several days in a row. Bayberry left her $40 Laptop Lunchbox at school last week. Now, it's nowhere to be found, one of the other lunch ladies told her that another lunch lady takes them home when they're left behind, and no one will do anything about it.

I'm livid. And too sick to storm the school demanding my belongings.

So for now, I pack creatively.

Here is Bayberry's lunch for today:

Peanut butter & Nutella on Whitewheat; two baby bananas; mini saltine crackers; Boy Scout cheddar cheese popcorn; Chicken & Stars soup; orange juice.


  1. I'd be pissed. Make thy Army Man call up in his most intimidating voice, demanding the goods. lol

    Hope you feel better soon.

  2. Are you kidding me?! That is crazy! At our school there is an area in the cafeteria for forgotten lunch boxes. Why on earth would someone take them HOME? That is just not right.
    I hope you can get them to change that policy. But, if I had to guess...it's not a policy and the principal may not even know about it....yet. :)

  3. File a police report. She has stolen goods in her home. The principal will not let it get that far...I would be so mad:(

    Feel better!!!

  4. Yeah I wouldn't be silent. Don't be rash but be firm and give them a call.

    Lovely lunch!

  5. O.M.G!!! I'm sitting here with my mouth and my eyes wide!!! You have to be kidding me?!?!? That's insane!!! I hope you feel better soon so you can give them a piece of your mind. Until then, I would write a note to the principal explaining the situation. That's THEFT!!!! :(

  6. I ended up going in, sick and all, to speak to the principal. She spoke to the cafeteria staff (I wish I was there, but she went alone) and none of them admits to telling Bayberry that the other lady takes the lunch boxes home. (Duh. Who would admit that to the Boss Lady?)

    Bottom line: Lunch box is gone. Gone. Not gonna get it back. Going to have to "make do" until after the holidays. As much as I wish I was, I'm not made of money, and it's almost Christmas. Money is nonexistant.

    Add to this stress: some snot-nosed brat messed with her hall locker and jammed her lock, requiring bolt cutters to remove it, costing me $10 to replace said lock. Another (or same) brat broke into her gym locker and took her (Justice brand) gym clothes. More money I'm out. And the principal is not inclined to do anything about it. She thinks B is lying. Admittedly, the thought crossed my mind, but I'm almost positive she's not lying at all.

    I just have no proof.

    Not a pleased mama right now.

  7. YOu know what? You HAVE to go down there and complain!!! That is ridiculous. Have a heart to heart with your daughter and explain to her that you are about to raise hell at the school, and that you need to know the absolute truth. If you believe her, then go in fighting and back up your daughter. She will be proud of you too! Don't let them get away with this!! They will if you let them.

  8. Holy cow!! I cannot BELIEVE that an ADULT would take a childs lunchbox home with them!!! I'd be down in that cafeteria giving her the stinkeye until she brought it back WITH an apology. OK, no I wouldn't because I work fulltime, but darnnit, if I WOULD I could!! And then an apology from the principal should follow....

  9. I would be so mad and doing something about it. Good for you for going in and talking to the principal. I agree with mochadoo - make sure she knows you're going to go down there and kick some butt. Then do it! Good luck! I wouldnt' want to be in your shoes :(

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  11. If the Principal couldn't get anything out of the lunch ladies, please file a report with the local PD. I know it's a long shot, but if the police inquires about policies for recovery and return of lost or forgotten property, they may decide it's better to just try to fix the problem at fear of litigation. Kids are often forgetful and do sometimes leave their possessions at school, so there should naturally be some policy about how to recover this lost property.

    Take the subject of the lost lunchbox up with the PTA, and demand the school either digs out existing policies, or explains why such aren't already implemented and puts them in place.

    If indeed a lunch lady is known for taking lunchboxes kids forget home with her, then report her to the police.

    I've gotten laptop lunches' boxes for both my fiancé and me, and I've labelled the boxes with our names and phone numbers.

    I really hope you'll get the box back. I may not be there to help in person, but I am with you in spirit. Persistent nagging at the principal is one approach, if you get the PTA involved, you'll have more people to rely on for support. Best of luck!