Friday, January 7, 2011

Lots of Fruit

We love fruit around here. That's a wonderful thing, too, because Miss Fancy Pants is really a fussy little diner. Eating fruit helps ensure she's getting lots of healthy nutrients. I'm glad she loves fruit. She'll eat almost all fruits -- just no blueberries. Yeah, blueberries! I thought those were the most kid-friendly fruits available!

Anyway, this morning, she had a banana with breakfast, and she's taking kiwi, grapes, and starfruit for lunch.

I just bought five fresh pineapples (on sale for a dollar each!) so those will be sure to make an appearance at our meals for the next several days.

Here's Fancy's lunch:

Whole wheat tortilla with cheddar cheese and ham; baby carrots; granola is in the heart-shaped container; kiwi; grapes; starfruit


  1. Delicious! I'm like Fancy - I love fruit, any and all of it, any time of day. You have such a colorful assortment with the kiwi, starfruit, grapes... and the carrots on top for another type of color. Funny on the blueberries though.

  2. Miss M, me too! :)

    Stretch, I know. I thought kids + blueberries were a natural mix but my two kids have shown me that's not always true.

  3. Awesome! I think you should try a hawaiian chicken kabob on the grill :) or in the oven. Just gotta watch the wooden sticks in the oven.

    Looks yummy. I love blueberries myself tho.

  4. I took a chance and sent my 2nd grader to school with a tortilla roll up, since your kids love them, and to my surprise he loves it too! Plus picked up the plastic hearts and filled them with candy, who wouldn't love that. It seems that his lunches are to talk of the table and even the lunch ladies smile and what he brings! Love your ideas and so does the school, Thanks!