Monday, January 24, 2011

Boring Lunch for Bayberry

Sometimes, it's all there's time for. Last night was such a night. It wasn't that there wasn't time for fancy lunches. It was just that I felt more like cuddling with the family, watching Nanny McPhee, than packing lunches.

I did sneak in some home-baked chocolate chip mini cookies. And the ham salad is home-made (in the food processor, I combined two cups of cut-up ham, a handful of baby carrots, some minced garlic, some fresh basil, and some olive oil and gave it a whirl).

So the lunch is wholesome...just not very exciting.

But here it is.

ham salad on whole wheat bread, half a blood orange, and a few mini chocolate chip cookies. Juice to drink.


  1. Yeah, but hers was on a whole wheat hot dog bun instead. :) Creative, I know! lol